About us

Diskover is a free app that fuels our curiosity and brings us closer to the world in a smart and genuine way. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the application offers us a new concept of traveling and getting to know the world around us.

about us

Points of interest

From cultural activities and spaces, through history, customs, traditions and festivals, to local trade, restaurants, curiosities, characters and experiences, the Diskover platform proposes us to move through geography in a way that is customized according to our interests.



In addition, the Diskover app allows us to create custom itineraries and save our favorite points of interest, as well as share these experiences with the social environment and our groups of friends.

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Smart platform

Diskover consists of a mobile app for the public and a web application for managers, companies, associations and institutions that, together with the comments of travelers, will make the most unusual and unknown points of interest a real alternative to tourism apps.

The platform is developing its first pilot in Catalonia, with Diskover Costa Brava, and aims to adapt to the new way of understanding leisure and tourism, proposing a differential solution with respect to other applications on the market worldwide, being the international benchmark for the traveler.

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