Agreement with the Festive and Cultural Association of Tragó (Alt Urgell)

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We sign a new agreement with AFICT, theTragó Festive and Cultural Association a>, an entity that brings together two-thirds of the population of Tragon, of all generations, which ensures the maintenance and promotion of local traditions, as well as to promote culture and cultural heritage throughout the year through various activities.

With this agreement, we make available to travelers and the curious the local culture of Tragó, a town located in the municipality of Peramola, in the region of Alt Urgell, to promote the Catalan language and culture and support its actions recovery of the cultural and historical heritage of Tragó.

Some of the festivities that can be found in the app are:

  • Candy singing in Tragó and Nuncarga, through the streets (Easter Sunday)
  • Saint John’s Eve (June 23)
  • Night walk in Castell-lebre (Friday in July closest to the full moon)
  • Cultural week (Sunday closest to August 9, and the following days)
  • Celebration of Saint Lucia (Sunday closest to December 13)

The activities of the AFICT are an essential part of a country’s heritage based on knowledge, learning and the conservation of the territory, and ethical with the producers and artisans of our environment, therefore, we celebrate its inclusion within the Catalan app Discover.

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