Catalonia trusts Diskover!

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Almost fifty companies and entities from all over the territory already trust Diskover to help distribute tourism in space and time, and to analyze the behavior of visitors towards their tourist proposals.

From non-profit organizations such as Association of Concert Halls of Catalonia, the Coordinator of Colles Castelleres de Catalunya, the Colles Federation of the Aplec del Caragol de Lleida, the Gremi d’hotels de Barcelona, or the Tourism network industry of Catalonia, up to emerging musical groups from the Catalan scene such as Pepet and Marieta, Figa Flawas or The Tyets.

From Diskover we are very attentive to new ways of understanding leisure and tourism and we want to actively collaborate to change the tourism model by emphasizing a greater personal awareness of the tourist towards the human, natural and cultural environment. regenerative tourism, which goes a step beyond tourism sustainable, implies that with our action as tourists we contribute to improving what we are visiting. Examples of this regenerative tourism can be found in the form of collaboration in local projects such as work with neighborhood organizations or cooperation with neighbors, as is done by the Barcelona Hotels Guild, making available the free guided tours of the city’s monument hotels< /a>, and that we hosted Diskover.

In addition, in a clear commitment to local culture, at Diskover we have also highlighted the historical heritage geolocating all the major festivals of Catalonia, and the castellare performances throughout the territory.

On the other hand, we collaborate with supra-municipal entities such as Associació de Micropobles de Catalunya and the Associació Catalana de Municipis, to promote the tourist assets of the municipalities of Catalonia and help the deseasonalization and decentralization of tourism.

Finally, we have councils that join the Diskover project as part of their tourism revitalization plans, which are already improving their actions thanks to the intelligent analysis of the data that Diskover provides them.

With all these agreements, we continue to work to promote quality and sustainable tourism, which cares for the country and actively contributes to the promotion of culture.

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