Agreements and collaborations

Terrace Week 2023 returns to Diskover

Barcelona, 25 May 2023.- Terrace Week 2023 is back again in Barcelona hotels! From 02 to 11 June, 68 establishments will allow access to their

Agreements and collaborations

A new boost for Bages

Diskover signs a collaboration agreement with the association Bages Impuls!, in order to boost tourism in the region. Just because of its obvious assets and

Agreements and collaborations

Catalonia trusts Diskover!

Almost fifty companies and entities from all over the territory already trust Diskover to help distribute tourism in space and time, and to analyze the

Agreements and collaborations

Plans to promote micro-village tourism

The new tourism model emphasizes a greater personal awareness of the tourist towards the human, natural and cultural environment, therefore micro-village tourism responds to this

Agreements and collaborations

New campaign at Diskover: Monument Hotels

With the aim of adding to the initiative launched by Mesqhotels to bring the most monumental hotels a> of Barcelona to citizens, Diskover joins the

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