Diskover: a new concept for moving around Catalonia

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We know that all the actors in the tourism sector in Catalonia have an active role within Diskover, but today we explain to Diari TOT Economy like the development of apps and web pages in the tourism field by public administrations, it is not practical: firstly because of the enormous cost that this implies for each of them, and second because the tourist must download a different source for each place he visits.

In addition, through the knowledge base generated by Diskover can extract relevant data for the sector such as which are the most visited places in a municipality during the week, which major holidays are the most popular, which type of trade is the one that arouses the most interest among visitors, as has been centrifuged summer tourism within a region…

Diskover is the Catalan application par excellence that gathers in one place everything the traveler wants!

Read the whole news at elmon.cat:


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