Diskover and XATIC reach an agreement to promote industrial tourism

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With the intention of looking for formulas and agreements in order to preserve the historical, cultural and natural heritage of the country, Diskover and XATIC reach an agreement .collaboration

Within this agreement, the equipment of the Industrial Tourism Network of Catalonia is included in the free Diskover app in such a way that touring the galleries of a coal mine or a mountain of salt, contemplating the modernism of an old textile colony, live first-hand the process of making cava or paper, accompany a grain of wheat from the field to the sack of flour, or travel on the country’s first train, they are already experiences that users can find in the application.

With this collaboration, a new concept of traveling and getting to know the territory that surrounds us is proposed, highlighting the industrial heritage that is so characteristic of the country.

The XATIC is the association that groups the offer of Catalonia’s widest industrial tourism: Museums, Interpretation Centres, Old Factories or Mines from all over the Catalan territory.

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