Diskover closes a new agreement to promote theater and culture

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Diskover signs a collaboration agreement with the Gremi d’Hotels de Barcelona, to make the app available for the Mesqhotels campaign; “Let’s enjoy the theater together“, and thus reach the tourist of counties that chooses the city of Barcelona to go see a show.

Thanks to this collaboration, people who go to see a show in the city of Barcelona will be able to enjoy a 15% discount on accommodation marked in the app as participating in the campaign, with the hashtag #gaudimdelteatre . This campaign will be active until November 27.

Remember that 95% of the users of Diskover are visitors with a local profile who travel with a sense of knowing culture and territory, therefore, with this agreement, we want to help digitize and disseminate content of cultural interest to travelers, tourists and the curious that we have in the app, and facilitate their stay after the show.

Culture and tourism; this is Diskover!

In a clear commitment to local culture, Diskover has already been part of talent promotion initiatives by introducing in the mobile application the localities that host concerts by Catalan groups such as The Tyets, Figa Flawas and Pepet i Marieta, among others , as well as we have also highlighted the historical heritage geolocating all major holidays in Catalonia. With this new agreement, we continue to add to the digitized heritage and connect culture and territory!

For more information: Vanessa Junqué | +34 667 484 676 | vanessa.junque@gmail.com

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