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Diskover has broken into the tourism sector by combining technology and high quality content (historical, cultural, natural and urban) in a app that (re)discovers to travelers everything that is around them, in an intelligent way (smart) and sorted by interests, just like a travel companion would, but digital, and at your own pace.

Thanks to this technology, Diskover can analyze behaviors and extract the most relevant statistics for in the tourism sector: which are the most visited places in a municipality during the week, which major holidays are more popular, which type of trade is the one that arouses the most interest among visitors, how summer tourism has centrifuged within a region… These are some of the examples that town councils, county councils, consortia and other administrative entities have analyzed through the knowledge base generated by Diskover.

Promoting plans for the promotion and development of their spaces in order to encourage awareness of the culture, history and memory of their regions through:

1. Digitization

First, to dump everything on Google Maps, Wikipedia, forums and many other web pages and directories, as well as adding municipal event agendas for users to consult, immediately and geolocalized (intelligent) what is happening, now, near where they are, and within a radius of action that they themselves can indicate.

2. Recommendation systems based on graphs

Second, they all find in Diskover a leading tool to help decentralize and deseasonalize tourism in an intelligent way by spreading it in space and time with the promotion of strategic places and activities.

3. Data extraction

And thirdly, they have their own Data Studio, a panel with more technology and artificial intelligence that provides data on this new tourism model.

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