The best catalan “Tortells de Reis”

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As you know, shops Km. 0 that you will find at Diskover, are an essential part of a country’s heritage based on ethical commitment to the producers and artisans of our environment. In order not to miss anything and make your trip very special, you will always find a section of local shops in the app where you can find everything you need and enjoy your local shopping.

Today, in addition, we want to offer you a selection of emblematic, historical, unique and quality patisseries, where you will find the best “tortells de reis” in Catalonia! In the app you will find them all by putting the hashtag #tortelldereis in the search engine and they will be identified with this image:


There are award-winning pastry chefs and teachers, some with more than 100 years of experience, some who have been bakers for five generations, some who also make artisan nougats or even the oldest artisan candies in the country!

You will find “toretlls de reis” filled with truffle or burnt cream, the classic almond and hazelnut marzipan with a touch of Bergamot, the one inspired by tiramisu, filled with hazelnut mousse and covered in dark chocolate, in different sizes (even “tortells de reis” for to 15 and 20 people!) gluten-free and lactose-free, with organic flour, made of violets… Yes, yes, a marzipan cake with cocoa powder and natural flowers!

There are also solidary cakes with a cause and there are prizes and contests.

There is a saying that claims that “for different tastes there is nothing written”, well, with this selection we want to write history! A history with a lot of Catalan flavor.

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