We take the change in the tourism model seriously

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During the health crisis of the covid and due to the total paralysis of the tourism sector, the need to change the tourism model became clear, emphasizing a greater personal awareness of the tourist towards the human, natural and cultural environment.

Greater personal awareness of the tourist towards the human, natural and cultural environment

In this context of economic and social impact due to the restrictions around the planet, the proclamation emerged from the tourism sector to reduce mobility, spend time exploring local history and culture, and support the environment.

Two years later, however, the proposals that called for more public spaces, more integration with nature, more presence of products related to health, well-being, and experience with the local, are insufficient.

At Diskover we believe that a change in the tourism model is needed and the key is in the decentralization and deseasonalization of the territory:

  • The app shows all the cultural, historical and natural heritage that is around the users, so that everyone can discover the wealth of their closest environment and thus reduce the carbon footprint, responding to the criterion of “travels” shorter and out of season”.
  • The deployment that we have made throughout the country, with more than eleven thousand points of interest within reach of users, is also a firm commitment to decentralize the tourist flows that have traditionally gone to stop in the four most typical places.
  • Our feed of km trades. 0 is an essential part of a country’s heritage based on ethical commitment to local producers and artisans and the activities of the experience feed are strongly based on knowledge, learning and the conservation of the territory.
  • In addition, we take advantage of innovation and digitization as the tool to reinvent this more respectful, and more “slow” tourism.

It is time to take on the challenges that the sector had to face before the pandemic and we are ready. But real change must come from the hand and commitment of the whole community.

Shall we begin?

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