Major party vs. Chestnut party. Who wins?

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At Diskover we like to analyze trends and we also like controversy, so it seemed to us that the duel “Major party vs. Chestnut party” was worthy of celebration!

  • On one side of the ring we have summer, with 140 major festivals from all over Catalonia in the Diskover app
  • On the other side of the ring we have autumn, with the 41 chestnut stalls in Barcelona geolocated in the Diskover app

Let’s start with the major parties:

All the major parties’ posts (140 throughout Catalonia) had 117,619 impressions and 4,937 individual clicks.

The holiday with the most impressions and individual retail clicks was the Feast of Saints, with 6,812 impressions and 380 individual retail clicks, this is a 5.6% conversion, a percentage significantly above the interest in the rest of major holidays, which is between 4 and 5%.

-> See the ranking of the 10 major parties that have been most popular:

What about the Chestnut?

All the geolocation points of chestnut stalls (41 located in the city of Barcelona) in the Diskover app, had 13,972 impressions and 196 clicks on individual details. That’s a 1.4% conversion, so…

The interest in the Chestnut party would be below the interest in major parties if we take as an indicator, the conversion percentage between impression and click on the detail

The stall with the highest conversion was the one at Carrer de Galileu, 1, 08028, with 442 impressions and 19 details. That’s a 4.3% conversion! The rest of the stalls are between 2 and 2.5%, as is the case of the stall at Passeig Fabra i Puig, 116, 08030, the stall with the most impressions (581 ) and a conversion of 2.2%.

Therefore, we already have a winner: the Major party!

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