Municipalities: tourism success cases

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Many of the mayors, tourism councilors and economic promotion technicians we have visited have asked us if it makes sense to use Diskover’s licenses for municipalities. The answer is clearly yes: and it is not because of intuition that we affirm this, but rather we have data that shows that the contents of the municipalities with a Diskover license, obtain better results in terms of their reach, than the municipalities that do not have any license .

Next we will see two cases of success; one of the municipalities of Deltebre, L’Aldea, L’Ampolla, Arnes and Santa Bárbara in the Terres de l’Ebre, and the other of Vic, Osona, which have subscribed to Diskover to promote from activities and cultural spaces, through history, customs, traditions and festivals, to local commerce, catering, curiosities, characters and experiences of their towns. And this is how it went:


Of the 10 towns with the most views in Terres de l’Ebre, 5 are municipalities with a Diskover license: Deltebre, L’Aldea, L’Ampolla, Arnes and Santa Bárbara. The 5 app subscribers account for 63% of all viewing and interaction among these 10 municipalities in the Terres de l’Ebre.

The other success story is from Vic. Within the region of Osona, with 50 municipalities, all of them represented in Diskover, we see that Vic, a town hall with its own license, has 42.8% of the viewing and interaction that takes place among the first 10 towns of the region

Remember that our licenses allow the possibility of introducing and updating data by professional staff and external to the institution, saving organizations the introduction and updating of content.

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