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Descobreix les Viles Termals de Catalunya

Catalunya és una terra rica en història, cultura i, sorprenentment, en aigües termals. Les viles termals són autèntiques joies ocultes que ofereixen una oportunitat única

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Terrace Week 2023 returns to Diskover

Barcelona, 25 May 2023.- Terrace Week 2023 is back again in Barcelona hotels! From 02 to 11 June, 68 establishments will allow access to their

Agreements and collaborations

A new boost for Bages

Diskover signs a collaboration agreement with the association Bages Impuls!, in order to boost tourism in the region. Just because of its obvious assets and

Agreements and collaborations

Catalonia trusts Diskover!

Almost fifty companies and entities from all over the territory already trust Diskover to help distribute tourism in space and time, and to analyze the

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Trends Easter 2023

During the month of March, and with the arrival of spring, many initiatives begin to emerge in the streets and towns of our country. Many

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Plans to promote micro-village tourism

The new tourism model emphasizes a greater personal awareness of the tourist towards the human, natural and cultural environment, therefore micro-village tourism responds to this

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We align our goals with the United Nations SDGs

The SDGs are the Sustainable Development Goals, included in the resolution “Agenda 2030: transforming our world”, which in September 2015 the United Nations General Assembly


The best catalan “Tortells de Reis”

As you know, shops Km. 0 that you will find at Diskover, are an essential part of a country’s heritage based on ethical commitment to

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Municipalities: tourism success cases

Many of the mayors, tourism councilors and economic promotion technicians we have visited have asked us if it makes sense to use Diskover’s licenses for

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New campaign at Diskover: Monument Hotels

With the aim of adding to the initiative launched by Mesqhotels to bring the most monumental hotels a> of Barcelona to citizens, Diskover joins the

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Major party vs. Chestnut party. Who wins?

At Diskover we like to analyze trends and we also like controversy, so it seemed to us that the duel “Major party vs. Chestnut party”

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Success story: Deltebre

The public administration plays a key role in enhancing the collective knowledge of a territory. We think of the town councils, regional councils, consortia and

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Success story: Barcelona Hotel Association

Shops and accommodation are part of a differential and leading solution compared to the applications that are on the market worldwide and are already increasing

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The 10 most popular major holidays in Catalonia

Garnished streets, castellers, live music, fanalet dances, sardana concerts, fire castles, parades, fishing championships, races, exhibitions, correbars, devil dance, fideuades and paelladas, theater… If there

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The 3 most visited places in Catalonia

Do you know which places have been the most popular this summer? The tourism sector has been one of the most affected by the pandemic.

Agreements and collaborations

“Santa Bárbara” joins the Diskover app

The town hall of Santa Bàrbara, in the Montsià region, announces its inclusion in the Diskover project, an action framed within the municipality’s tourism revitalization

Agreements and collaborations

Diskover App, co-founder of the ICT – Tourism Cluster

Diskover Catalonia, the company that created the Diskover application, framed within the travel tech sector, allies itself with 24 companies, universities, technology centers and other

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