Objectives: deseasonalize and decentralize tourism

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It was just eight months ago that we released the first version of the application to the market with the intention of validating the needs and demands of users and customers before developing more features. The app, along with the web portal, included the minimum capabilities needed to be a viable solution that was born to stay there and keep growing.

Diskover offers users to move around the geography in a personalized way according to their interests, promoting local tourism, highlighting the unique and emblematic things that exist in thousands of corners of our country, recovering heritage assets and helping to distribute tourism in space (decentralization) and in time (deseasonalization). It is these last two objectives, deseasonalizing and decentralizing tourism, that we want to analyze now that we are ending the year.

In this case, we will take the impressions indicator because it is the one that most faithfully responds to the volumes of most and least use given to the app. A use that includes both variables, time and number of users.

Deseasonalize: evolution of geolocated post impressions over time

We see that the months in which the application has been used the most are the months of June, July and August, responding to the increase in leisure time on the part of the population and therefore the mobility of people (both foreign visitors and local residents) has increased ). Let’s remember that ours is an app that is part of travel tech, a territory discovery application that acts as a digital travel companion, therefore, the travel behavior of users in this 2022 has been revealed as “mostly seasonal”.

Decentralize: heat map geolocated impressions

On the other hand, thanks to the heat map of the more than five million views of the more than twenty thousand points of interest seen by sixty thousand travelers, we see how the company’s goal to help spread the flows throughout the country, is a reality strong>, given the equitable distribution of travelers’ interest across all Catalan regions.

We will continue to analyze periods and behaviors through the knowledge base generated in Diskover to extract the most relevant statistics for the tourism sector.

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