Success story: Barcelona Hotel Association

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Shops and accommodation are part of a differential and leading solution compared to the applications that are on the market worldwide and are already increasing their visibility in front of the users who are in the area, through AI.

This is why collectives and associations such as the Gremi d’Hotels de Barcelona have opted to integrate within the Diskover app, affiliated hotels, in order to give them added value as to associates At the same time, Diskover users have a complete and up-to-date offer with the campaigns that these hotels run for the local public, such as the terrasses campaign, or the theatre campaign, among others.

Five months after the inclusion of the user @MésQHotels in Diskover, since the start of the “Terrace Week” campaign on June 10 this year, its content has achieved these figures:

Almost eighty thousand views of its contents and five thousand interactions between retail clicks, likes and shares

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