Success story: Deltebre

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The public administration plays a key role in enhancing the collective knowledge of a territory. We think of the town councils, regional councils, consortia and other administrative entities, which promote plans for the promotion and development of their spaces in order to promote awareness of the culture, history and memory of their regions.

In this sense, they all find in Diskover a leading tool to promote tourism and help decentralize and deseasonalize it intelligently. This is the case of Deltebre, which as a municipality, has a user with 300 active posts within the Diskover app between points of interest such as viewpoints, sites, beaches, lighthouses, events such as gastronomic days or guided routes, activities such as races, regattas, kitesurfing, cruises through the Ebro Delta, and a variety of shops and accommodation.

The exercise of digitizing all the touristic heritage of Deltebre went through overturning everything that is on Google Maps, Wikipedia, forums and other web pages, about the municipality, adding, in addition, the agenda of municipal events so that users can consult, immediately and geolocalized (intelligently) what is happening, now, near Deltebre and within a radius of action that they themselves can indicate.

Seven months after the inclusion of Deltebre in the app, the figures that refer to its activity are very positive:

  • Its contents have been viewed nearly twenty-nine thousand times
  • Its contents have elicited close to 1,200 reactions among users (between clicks on the details of the posts, likes and shares)
In this infographic you have the data of the Deltebre use case, as a council with a Diskover content license which allows the possibility of introducing and updating data by professional staff and external to the institution.

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