Terrace Week 2023 returns to Diskover

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  • 68 establishments in Barcelona will allow access to their roofs
  • Nearly 160 activities will be held on the rooftops of the city
  • The full program will be available through the free Diskover app

Barcelona, 25 May 2023.- Terrace Week 2023 is back again in Barcelona hotels! From 02 to 11 June, 68 establishments will allow access to their roofs in one of the most iconic actions for the city’s hoteliers and awaited by Barcelona residents.

This year, Barcelona Hotel Terraces Week returns with nearly 160 activities with various themes. There are cultural, creative, gastronomic, sports and wellness, musical and family proposalsthat will be held on the city’s most popular rooftops.

Initiatives like this are designed to strengthen the link between hotels and the citizens of Barcelona and that is why the complete program will be available through the free app Diskover, an application that connects citizens with its environment, culture and activities, in real time.

From Diskover we are very attentive to new ways of understanding leisure and tourism and we want to actively collaborate to change the model tourism emphasizing a greater personal awareness of the tourist towards the human environment , natural and cultural. That is why the app shows all the cultural, historical and natural heritage that is around the users, so that everyone discovers the wealth of their closest environment and thus reduces the carbon footprint, responding to the criterion of shorter trips and out of season.


The increase and effect of sustainable tourism, which is promoted through the Diskover platform, has the ability to improve urban infrastructure, to promote the regeneration of areas in decline and to preserve the cultural and natural heritage of the territory.


The tourism sector is cross-sectoral in nature, which is why it is key to strengthen public-private partnerships. From Diskover, we want to cooperate with the multiple agents involved, both public and private, in the tourism sector to develop sustainable tourism throughout the territory, and in the future of the world.

You can also consult the MésQHotels website, the leisure guide of the hotels in Barcelona, for the entire program of the Setmana de les Terrasses.

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