The 10 most popular major holidays in Catalonia

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Garnished streets, castellers, live music, fanalet dances, sardana concerts, fire castles, parades, fishing championships, races, exhibitions, correbars, devil dance, fideuades and paelladas, theater… If there is something that defines this country, is the cultural and popular explosion of its major festivals.

At Diskover we wanted to take a barometer of the major holidays that have been searched for the most in the app and that have received the most views and clicks from a community that already has more than fifty thousand users.

The first conclusion is that as well as the the most viewed places in the app are evenly distributed across all the regions of the country, this is not the case for major holidays, which have been more concentrated in the metropolitan area. This could have its explanation if it is understood that the major holidays are an initiative for the enjoyment of the local public, mainly, and nearby surroundings, therefore, the high population density of the metropolitan area when searching and interacting with the major festivals of its municipalities and adjacent ones, the average popularity of these rises.

Even so, we believe that ordering the major holidays in Catalonia most searched for on Diskover can be useful data to understand flows.


  1. Feast of Sants district
  2. Feast of Gràcia district
  3. Feast of Mollet del Vallès
  4. Feast of Sabadell 
  5. Feast of Santa Coloma de Gramenet 
  6. Feast of Gelida
  7. Feast of S’Agaró
  8. Feast of Sant Quirze del Vallès
  9. Feast of Vilassar de Dalt
  10. Feast of Castelldefels

Among this Top 10, our attention has been drawn to Gelida Funimetrada The Funimetrada is the popular uphill race they do for their Festa Major. It is a race in which the goal is not only to compete against yourself and against the other runners, but also to try to complete the course by winning the Gelida Funicular! The Funicular takes just under 8 minutes to complete the journey, and one of the purposes is to try to improve this time (which the top 10 or 15 finishers achieve every year). The distance to be covered is 1645 meters, and a height difference of 101 meters is overcome.

Major holidays represent the history and traditions most prominent and loved by the citizens of Catalonia and we are proud to have contributed to promoting this great festive heritage at Diskover.

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