The business in Catalonia most viewed on Diskover

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Do you want to know how businesses are increasing their visibility in front of Diskover users, apart from giving added value to their customers, by showing them through the app, what is interesting about their businesses?

How did these months of July, August and September go? Which type of business is the one that arouses the most interest among Diskover users? How did the summer performed in terms of interaction? We analyze it with you.

We wanted to make a ranking separating the Barcelonès establishments from the rest of the regions, because as well as the most viewed places in the app are distributed evenly across all the regions of the country, this is not the case of businesses, which have been more concentrated in the metropolitan area. This could have its explanation if it is understood that many establishments are sought after by the local public, mainly, and nearby surroundings, therefore, the high population density of Barcelonès when searching and interacting with the businesses around them, rises the average popularity of these.

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First of all, we see that gastronomy, represented by restaurants, markets and grocery stores, occupies a large part of the ranking. Secondly, the premises with the most interest from the public are those related to leisure, such as recreation rooms (escape rooms, saunas), dance halls and theatres.

The businesses in Barcelona most viewed in Diskover:

  1. Men’s Jewish baths, Barcelona
  2. Casa Carot, cheeses that graze, Barcelona
  3. The fish tank of the pool, Barcelona
  4. The spring of Ramos beer, Barcelona
  5. Dining room of Hotel Espanya, Barcelona
  6. Sala Beckett (theatre and restaurant), Barcelona
  7. Samba Brasil, Barcelona
  8. Boqueria Market, Barcelona
  9. Animal Coffee, L’Hospitalet de Llobregat
  10. Kahala Barcelona, Barcelona

The business in the rest of Catalonia most viewed in Diskover:

  1. Restaurant Can Jepet, Girona
  2. Mercat Central de Tarragona, Tarragona
  3. Restaurant Cal Frares, Cabrera de Mar
  4. Montgat fish auction, Montgat
  5. Farmers’ market, El Prat de Llobregat
  6. La Cantera Biker Bar, El Vendrell
  7. The Escape Room of Wine (Cellers Blanch), Puigpelat
  8. Restaurant La pedra llarga, Sant Hilari Sacalm
  9. Pole Dance Maresme, Premià de Mar
  10. Martí Mosaics, Manresa

The gastronomy-experience combination seems to be a winning trend.

We see how Cellers Blanch innovate with this Escape Room del Vi, and how the markets work, how the El Prat farmers market Llobregat, or the Llodja del peix de Montgat where the only traditional sung fish auction that remains on the entire Catalan coast is held. Finally, a new item is introduced in this list, which is that of craftsmanship, with the Mosaics Martí from Manresa.

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