The Catalan music scene is already an international tourist asset thanks to Diskover

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  • Diskover gives a new boost to the Catalan music scene
  • Cultural users and managers are on a collaborative “platform of wonders”.

Barcelona, 01 August 2022.- Diskover, the digital travel companion born and
developed in Catalonia, expands its offer of recreational events, putting a
br/>the range of travelers and curious, concerts and major holidays with country stamp.

In a clear commitment to local talent and culture, from the mobile application you can already see the
localities that host concerts by Catalan groups such as The Tyets, Figa Flawas and Pepet i
Marieta, among d others Likewise, all the major holidays in
Catalonia are geolocated so that everyone can keep up to date with the festive and musical agenda.

From cultural spaces, through history, customs, traditions and festivals, to
local trade, restaurants, curiosities, characters and experiences, the Diskover platform
allows you to connect with the inhabitants, its culture, its legends, and its
activities, because it is made by all the actors who safeguard the knowledge of the country;
it is the same users who, together with cultural managers, institutions, and
the associative fabric of the country, they record the best that Catalonia has, while creating
a “platform of wonders” where everyone can contribute their knowledge and have their say.

Diskover is a territory discovery app that collects all the historical heritage , cultural and
natural of Catalonia, in one place. Currently, it has more than 20,000 points of interest
deployed throughout the country and wants to become the best digital tourist assistant in the world, now,
in addition, integrating the Catalan music scene as an essential tourist asset.

For more information: Vanessa Junqué | +34 667 484 676 |


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