Trends Easter 2023

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During the month of March, and with the arrival of spring, many initiatives begin to emerge in the streets and towns of our country. Many festivities, both cultural and religious, are within this period coinciding with Holy Week. Also the events related to nature, such as the emergence of the flower, or the gastronomy with the change of calendar of seasonal fruits and vegetables, are in a month of March loaded with desire for everything; to go out, eat, give thanks and celebrate, after the long winter that darkens our days and freezes our fields.

It’s a month that a lot happens at Diskover, too. From the street markets, to passions, passing through the cycling tour and women’s day. It is because of all this movement and resurgence of people, that we wanted to analyze the trends of this Eastern Week 2023.

Most popular topics

On the one hand, we take the impression indicator for all these activities specific to the month of February/March. Impressions have a lot to do with the location of the post in the app, what category it is in, what keywords it has, if the territory in which it is geolocated is searched or searched around ‘where is… Therefore, this indicator is related to the popularity of the topics, with the fact that they are sometimes the answer to what we are looking for and that they are sometimes suggested because they are close to the that we are looking for, but we must not confuse it with what we like the most.

If we order them using this indicator from greatest to least, we find that the most popular subjects (which does not mean the most liked), are the following:

  • Impressions for post “women” 29.42%
  • Impressions for post “market” 20.62%
  • Impressions for post “cellars” 17.86%
  • Impressions per post “passion culture” 12.97%
  • Impressions per post “three tombs” 5.24%
  • Impressions per “carnival” post 4.62%
  • Impressions per post “caraflocs” 3.82%
  • Impressions per post “cycle tour” 3.2%
  • Impressions for “calçots” post 2.22%

We see that women’s posts, farmers’ markets and wineries are the ones that have had the most presence in the app.

Topics that arouse the most interest among users

Now yes, we will take an indicator that really tells us if the most popular topics are also the ones that arouse the most interest. To do this we will take the metric of detail vs. impression. This is the one that tells us about the number of impressions shown (100), how many times it is clicked to see the post in more detail (%), and how many impressions have passed without being clicked to see more in detail.

If we order them using this indicator from greatest to least, we find that the themes that have aroused the most interest have been the following:

  1. Impressions for “carnestoltes” post 24.70%
  2. Impressions per post “caraflocs” 9.30%
  3. Impressions for “calçots” post 6.32%
  4. Impressions per post “three tombs” 5.66%
  5. Impressions for post “women” 4.14%
  6. Impressions per post “culture of passion” 4.05%
  7. Impressions per post “cycle tour” 3.28%
  8. Impressions per “market” post 3.19%
  9. Impressions for post “cellars” 2.94%
Topics that have aroused the most interest among Diskover users this Easter

Now yes, we see that of the most popular topics that give us the impressions, the ones that arouse the most interest, that is to say, those that have a higher rate of clicks on read more or on the photo for to see more details, they have been: carnivals, caraflocs and calçots!

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