We conclude an agreement with the Association of Concert Halls of Catalonia to promote local talent and culture

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Barcelona, April 21, 2023.- Diskover, the digital travel companion born and
developed in Catalonia, expands its offer of cultural events, putting to the reach of travelers and the curious, the series of concerts created and promoted by the Association of concert halls of Catalonia (ASACC), Curtcircuit, which travels through Catalonia through the association’s halls and whose aim is to facilitate concerts for emerging groups and/or sponsored by consolidated groups with whom they have a professional or personal relationship, promote mainly the local scene, with some guests from outside, and always guarantee the most favorable and professional conditions for musicians and venues always adapted to the territory and taking into account the city or town where it is being programmed.
With this new agreement, we expand our proposal of cultural events, putting to the reach of travelers and the curious, concerts with a country stamp that bet on talent and local
culture, as a fundamental part of a country’s heritage.

Diskover is a territory discovery app that collects all the historical, cultural and
natural heritage of Catalonia, in one place. Currently, it has more than 30,000 points of interest
deployed throughout the country and wants to become the best digital tourist assistant in the world, now, in addition, integrating the Catalan music scene as an essential tourist asset.

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