We sign a collaboration agreement with the Catalan Association of Municipalities

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We sign a collaboration agreement with the Catalan Association of Municipalities to promote the tourist assets of the municipalities of Catalonia and help the deseasonalization and decentralization of tourism.

In a clear commitment to reduce mobility, devote more time to exploring local history and culture, and support the environment, we sign this commitment with the municipal community that allows the councils to recover heritage assets, digitize everything unique and emblematic that there is in their towns, and help distribute tourism in space (decentralization) and in time (deseasonalization).

With this agreement, we continue to work to promote local tourism and local trade of the country, and we hope that the advantages we offer to the local bodies associated with the ACM will help them promote plans for the promotion and development of their spaces and their agendas of events, to promote awareness of the culture, history and memory of their regions, and also have their own Data Studio, a panel with technology and artificial intelligence that provides them with data from ‘this new tourist model.

Magazine ACM 443 – January 2023 – p. 23

See the full news: https://www.acm.cat/actualitas/signem-conveni-de-collaboracio-amb-lempresa-diskover-catalonia-especializada-en-la

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